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Run out with Lunch

22 June 2019

Meet time; 10.30am.
Leave time; 11.00am.

We start the day by meeting up at the Museum for Rural Life in East Kilbride G76 9HR (toilets & coffee available) before heading to Eaglesham then taking the B764 past Whitelees, the largest Windfarm in Europe. Please take care approaching cyclists and watch out for an occasional raised lay-by occupant at the far end. This is an interesting road at 1.5 lanes wide so whilst sight lines are generally clear, care is needed.

There can be some good views from some of the lay-bys which can also be a little rough.

We skirt the A77 and head south towards Moscow on the A719 and through the village of Galston again on the excellent A719, crossing the A76 at a roundabout and towards the A77. This section might be the driving highlight of the day with some fine twisties, fast straights and a challenging left hander over a bridge which sits in a gulley. We may of course encounter tractors etc. on this section.

We will then cruise along the A77 briefly before turning east towards the village of Sorn for lunch at the excellent Sorn Inn, KA5 6HU with plenty off-street parking. Lunch is booked for 12.30pm.

A total drive time of around 90 minutes.

Museum website here.

Sorn Inn website here.

Whitelee website here.

Route map here.

A menu has been prepared for us on the day at a cost of £17.95pp. Menu here.

If attending, please confirm by Thursday 20 June as numbers required for restaurant.

07968 724441

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