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06 Mar 2017

Saturday Run to Kildrummy Inn - March 4

An extra (Saturday) run in March, in challenging conditions.

Recently Paul Mullay, one of our more far-flung members from the Shetlands, got in touch to say he and his wife Melissa were visiting the Aberdeen area on a weekend in March, and asking if we had anything planned. We didn't - but that didn't seem reason enough not to do something.

We met up in Kingswells for coffee & rolls at the Fourmile House and then headed out on a "scenic" route to the Kildrummy Inn. I say scenic, but the low grey overcast obscured most of the views, and as we made our way towards Ballater the sleet, then the snow began to fall.... I had included an optional shortcut in my suggested route (albeit one which still crossed the highest, snowiest part of the road). 

Most of the party stuck to the full route, and all 21 arrived safely (and happily reassured of the capabilities of their cars) at the Kildrummy Inn. The owners here had opened on a Saturday lunchtime especially for us, and provided a superb custom menu to choose from. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed their lunch, so many thanks to David & Nigel for entertaining us so well.

Thanks also to everyone who turned out to meet Paul & Melissa and to enjoy playing in the snow!

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