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10 Feb 2016

Club Night at the Deanwater

Anthony Shuker reports on the “Race Night”:

For over 15 years the North West Air Ambulance charity has provided the rapid pre-hospital care in emergency situations. Three helicopters operate 365 days a year, with doctors and paramedics on board to provide medical treatment when time is critical. So at the February Club Night R5 decided to raise money for this very worthwhile charity.

    Our regional member of the year, Sue Mayer, organised a raffle with prizes that were donated by the members, and entertainment was provided by a “Race Night” hosted by me (Anthony Shuker), complete with sequined jacket and trilby hat.

    In the preceding days members were able to “buy a horse”; if it won on the night, then they received a prize. And one lucky member (whose name I managed to get wrong) had two winners!

    Seven races were held during the evening, with bets placed without any knowledge of the competitors (or the nature of the race). Alongside the expected horse races, members were entertained with a tractor race, a snail race and a pig race (in which Harry Trotter finished third).

    Thanks to all those who took part. In excess of £300 was raised for the North West Air Ambulance charity.

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