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16 Aug 2016

Clubnight - Karting

Clubnight at 3 Sisters Karting Circuit

On Wednesday, 10th August 19 members and a number of spectators braved the mid-summer weather to have a fun and enjoyable night at the 3 Sisters Racing School Karting Circuit. It was very early declared a “wet race” and continued to rain throughout the evening, so much for summer in the North West!

The racers were split into 2 groups and each group had a warm-up session (we could have done with a real warm-up after it was all finished!) and then 2 timed races to confirm placings for the A and B Finals. There was a lot of very spirited driving with everyone trying to work out how much grip there was (the answer being NONE!). Everyone spun at least once each race and this made for some fun and games for the organisers trying to work out who came where and some agonising finishes to races where leaders were spinning on the last corner and dropping several places by the time they got going again; as you will see from the photos in the gallery.

A lot of fun was had by all and a good degree of banter was heard in the pits in between races; including one comment about the very last hairpin when one racer described how “…it had swallowed him up last time”.

Despite getting very wet the racing was close and some good times were set; the time to dry off afterwards was somewhat longer though; my own trainers taking 48 hours to be wearable again.

Medals were awarded to the top 3 in both the A and B finals, with James Renshaw winning the A Final and Jon Kenwell winning the B Final (who for his sins also had to join the A Final, just to make sure he got even wetter although he managed a very respectable fifth in that Final too).  All that was left was for those sensible enough to have brought spare clothes to change and for the rest of us to put on the heated seats and turn our Porsches into saunas on the way home!

You can view more photos from the evening using the link below:
Report by Dave Trafford.

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