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Pre-Season Run March 2019 Gallery

A pre-season drive out through Teesdale

Pre-Season Run 24th March 2019

As March drew to a close some of our members decided that they just couldn’t wait for Clear Away the Cobwebs and were itching to get their cars out for a dusting down. Some Porsche drivers have concerns about taking their cars out so early in the year, when there can still be some salt on the roads. Not these drivers, all willing to give their cars a quick wash down when they got home. This run was kindly organised by John Hancill. 16 cars met up for breakfast at Lanchester Garden Centre for a drive to Middleton in Teesdale, where the group split, with some continuing on to Alston for coffee & cake.

Pre-Season Run March 2019 gallery contains 8 images and is part of the PCGB North East region activities from June 2019

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