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27 Sep 2019

R12 visit to Porsche Centre Colchester

Saturday 14 September R12 visit to Porsche Centre Colchester

Some 45-plus members gathered at Porsche Centre Colchester for a visit to the dealership commencing at 10am. We were greeted with teas, coffees, soft drinks and pastries by the staff.
We started off with a short talk by Gary Sorrell about the Jardine Motors Group, I don’t think that any one realised what a large collection of makes that they have a franchise for, encompassing, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Lexus, Maserati, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin and more.
Gary, being the Luxury & Prestige Passenger After Sales Manager, spends most of his time travelling around the country. We were lucky that we managed to get him for a few hours.
We were given a short talk on the various current models from Porsche, including some very interesting information on the forthcoming Taycan. As an aside, Porsche pronounces it ‘Tie Can’. We were informed about forthcoming models and electrification of the range over the next year or so. The Taycan, in particular, has a very impressive recharge cycle even on a domestic 13-amp plug.
Gary then introduced us to the service team ably led by Service Manager, Hayley Budd, and the two service reception coordinators, both named Neil, who booked 15 members cars in for the free service check and report.

Also in the showroom was the Boxster Restoracing car entered by Porsche Centre Colchester. With it was the driver, Paul Blakley, introduced as ‘The Essex Stig’. Porsche Centre Colchester has done particularly well up against strong opposition from other dealers.

Whilst the service checks etc. were being carried out, there was a quiz centred on the showroom with a prize of a full valet, which was won by Mr Knowles. We also had the opportunity to peruse the rest of the cars in the showroom.
We were then taken into the Porsche workshop where Gary gave a talk on the various operations being carried out. This included a 997 Gen 1 in for ‘rodent damage’ - the wiring looms on the engine/gearbox unit badly chewed up in places. The repair is expected to take around three months, as a new wiring loom has to be made for the car. The total bill, in excess of £14,000, is being paid for by the insurance company, but only because of the very low mileage of the car.
You have been warned! Use the car rather than store it away without the correct precautions!
We then visited the Porsche stores, which are very impressive. One member personally thanked the Parts Manager for the excellent prompt service they received. Then we ventured into the Ferrari stores and, from there, into the Ferrari workshop to see various cars on ramps awaiting attention.
In the Ferrari showroom we were greeted by a used ‘La Ferrari Aperta’ with a price tag of £3,987,000 - no, not a mistake, nearly four million pounds!
The showroom, with a talk by the Sales Manager about the various models on show, was very interesting. A visit to the Maserati showroom followed complete with two Ferrari Challenge racing cars for sale and a lone used McLaren, which I understand was traded in for a Ferrari.
We were then treated to sandwiches and more refreshments, along with the opportunity to buy cup cakes, with the Porsche logo on them, made by a member of the office staff. The proceeds from sale of the cup cakes, along with donations from members having their cars safety checked, raised a total of £180 for ‘Wizz Kidzs’, the nominated charity of the Jardine Motor Group. Over the years of supporting ‘Wizz Kidzs’ they have raised over £1 million.

For more photos of the visit, click here.

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