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1 September 2019

STS Geometry Alignment

We are invited to STS Tyre Pros at Bury St Edmunds for a geometry alignment day on Sunday 1 September.  Many of you will know the advantages of ensuring correct geometry on your car and this is an opportunity to diagnose and correct any alignment errors at a greatly reduced cost. 

The normal cost of a geometry alignment will be of the order of £50 for the diagnosis and then £10 for each correction – on most models of Porsche that could be a maximum of well over £100 – the offer is for a full alignment and all corrections for a fixed price of £50. This is payable at the time of booking and is not refundable. If you are unable to attend, then it might be possible to find another person to take your slot and to reimburse you.
Though be aware that if bolts are seized or bushes worn then it may not be possible to achieve a perfect alignment, or there may be an additional charge if any corrective work is needed to enable the alignment to proceed.
The day will consist of 14 pre-booked slots for your alignment check – we ask that you are there at least 15 mins before your booked time. The first slot will bat at 09:00 and then every 30 minutes until the last slot that will commence at 15:30. If you miss your slot then it is unlikely that you will be able to be slotted in later in the day.  It would be appreciated if those that live closer to the venue choose the earlier or later slots. Do not be late!
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There will be a special offer for those needing new tyres, 30-40% off the retail price is being offered, so if you are suspicious of the condition of your tyres then a phone call to the centre will enable a more exact quote for the brand of tyre you want on your car.
There will be an opportunity for a free tyre health check. Tea and coffee will be available as will a BBQ facility for those who need sustenance.  
Address:                                                                           Map location
Tyre Pros Bury St Edmunds
Tayfen Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1TB

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