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23 Sep 2018

The Warren Classic

A lovely classic car show and Concours d'Elegance slightly marred by torrential rain!

The Warren is an amazing annual spectacle. This year was about as wet as it gets. When I arrived I was fully geared up - wellington boots, waterproof trousers, anorak, gloves, hat, umbrella and R11 Gazebo. But it was still darned cold!

Thanks to Vaughn and Adam for helping me put the Gazebo up in the downpour. Thanks also to Jamie and Stephen for helping me take it back down again in a freshening breeze. At one point it looked like it would take off.

There was a really good turnout of club vehicles. We were fortunate to share a pitch with the Essex Ferrari Owners' Club. On show were:
Steve's 1973 classic 911
Terry's 928 S4
Jamie and Stephen both with 964 Cabriolets
Colin's Cayenne GTS puddle splosher
James 996 GT3
Sean's 997 supercharged 

In the pictures above you can see the latest Bugatti Chiron (worth over £2m) sitting in a puddle, and Nick Mason's famed 250 GTO - a substantially more valuable vehicle faring not much better.

Lots of people disappeared at about 1pm. The sun came out at 2pm and warmed us up little. The very low flypast of a Lancaster bomber was a good moment.

Do we want to do it all again next year? I'll have a think about that!


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