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28 Oct 2018

Breakfast at the Cherry Tree

On the clock change weekend a large crowd of R11 members turned out for an early breakfast at the Cherry Tree in Stambridge

It seemed like a great idea. Why not use the clock change weekend to get out of bed early while the roads into Southend are quiet? A few weeks earlier I had been to a cars and coffee event at the Cherry Tree and loved it, so this was my top choice of venue.

A lot of R11 members thought this was a fantastic idea too. If all 85 had turned up it would have been the biggest event aside from the July BBQ evening. The weather was a little inclement but still as you can see in the gallery above it was busy.

Out in the car park we had around 30 Porsches and a smattering of Ferraris too:

Indoors, everyone was keen to keep warm and enjoy some chat:

The venue exceeded our expectations. One member David wrote to me afterwards and said: "the meal was lovely the staff very good if you could let [the owner] know what a fantastic service and location he has there this would be nice for regular meet better weather next time!"

Afterwards we tried to do a drive to the seafront. However I couldn't get out of the car park to lead, and eventually had to tell Peter at the front to get a move on - and got soaked in the process: 

Unfortunately a number of cars left the venue following someone who couldn't read his/her map and got lost. Maybe that was a good thing because the fast road that I followed was empty but treachorously slippery. As fast as I dared drive I could not shake a Cayenne turbo who stuck in my mirrors with me all the way to our car park at Chalkwell - see below. 

When we reached the rendezvous point it was still pouring but we got out of our cars for a chat anyway. The sun came out after a time so we all went home happy:


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