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27 August 2022

Vulcan Visit and Meal

We are currently in the final stages of planning a visit to Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield near Warwick, to see the Vulcan Bomber stationed there. This event will be on Saturday, 27 August and has a maximum capacity of 12 cars and / or 24 people. There will be a charge of £10 per head to visit Wellesbourne.

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Afterwards, a meal has been booked and spaces reserved for 24, from 2.15pm with meal service at 3.00pm (see link below). Please note that as we have booked for 24, should the number reduce on the day without prior notice, the member/region are liable for a £10.00 per person ‘no-show’ charge. Choices will be required once the event is full.

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*Photo taken by Mike Freer - Touchdown-aviation

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