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28 May 2021

Blyton Park Trackday

The time has come when we look forward to welcoming you to Porsche Club’ R4 Blyton Park Track day on 28th May. This will be a repeat of previous days, which have been most enjoyable.

The circuit will be open from 7.30am with circuit activity planned to get underway from 9am onwards and finishing at 5pm (Blyton Park will close at 5.00 pm). There will be a lunch break from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. It is expected that the cafe will be open. 
The charge is £150 per driver. We are limited to 30 drivers on the day 

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In order to allow you onto the track during the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 there are some procedures you must follow in order to attend this event.
All participants must complete both a Porsche Club Indemnity form and a Blyton Park Indemnity form and bring both documents on the day. Without these two docs you will not be allowed on the track.
No signing documents on the day
Only drivers booked on the day with any additional drivers from the same household may attend – the Government's track and trace processes can only work properly if all attendees have provided a name and contact details.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - Do not attend the event with a guest who is not already confirmed to be attending the day - if you are not listed for this event you may be refused entry at the entrance gate.
If you want to add an additional driver and they are from the same household as the principal driver, and will also need to complete an indemnity form. Please ensure all additional driver's details are with Porsche Club before 5 pm on Friday, 21 May.
IMPORTANT: You must not attend an activity if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or you are required to self-isolate under Government guidelines. If you are showing signs of running a high temperature you will not be permitted entry into the circuit.

  • Briefings will be held in the hangar (depending on weather conditions). In order to maintain social distancing, each driver will be issued with an appropriate wristband. The first briefing will commence at 8.15 am
  • Helmets are not available for hire. All participants are required to bring their own helmets.
  • In-car instruction is being reviewed. If not available, only experienced drivers shall drive. (This will be confirmed once reviewed)

Catering - Hot drinks will be available, limited menu – card payments only, please
Trackday information will be sent before the track day via R4 email.

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