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R8 summer party

26 - 28 July 2024

We will have our own dining rooms for the Friday night and Saturday nights events and Lauren, is organising some routes out for us for the Saturday – the scenery is spectacular. There is a gym, sauna, steam room and swimming pool facilities, which are free of charge to guests. I was interested to read that a section of the Monte Carlo rally was staged at the Metropole and radio reporting was done by Raymond Baxter (anyone remember him? Tomorrows World?) He reported that he was broadcasting from the third coldest place on earth – there is the North Pole, the South Pole and the Metropole! We can confirm that since those days central heating has been installed so we had no complaints about the heating.
You will need to reserve directly with the Metropole Hotel on 01597 823700.
Bed breakfast and evening meal included, looking around £200 per couple per night. It will be a fun weekend with a quiz on the Friday night, driving Welsh roads on the Saturday and a ‘70s themed party on the Saturday night, by popular demand! Platforms, flares, hot pants - there will be a prize for the best (or worst) dressed! Having said that this is optional not compulsory...but there will be a prize for whoever makes the biggest effort. Judges’ decision (us) will be final, and yes we can be bribed! As we are looking to raise money for the Air Ambulance the disco on Saturday night will be a DIY disco – you can choose your own tracks but it will cost £1! So bring plenty of change with you and boogie the night away (or sit in a corner and have a drink if you are like me). Currently 25 rooms booked and five still available - if you’d like to know more please email me at


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