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05 Sep 2023

Eoin Sloan (Cdr RN ret.)

Honorary member and former Club Official  

It is with deep regret I have to announce the death of Eoin at home after a protracted illness and some time in hospital.

I first met Eoin at Castle Combe circuit at a PCGB track day that had been organised by Rodney Jordan. This was around 1994. Eoin and I struck up a rapport that has endured until his sad demise at his home in Wiltshire in mid August, and some four weeks after he celebrated his 86th birthday.

As Race Car Register Secretary Eoin will be remembered by many PCGB members with affection. In carrying out this role he greatly assisted in the two Brands Hatch Festivals that occurred in 2004 and 2006 under my PCGB Chairmanship.

Eoin was a force to be reckoned with and with his military precision and timing ran the infield areas around the pits to perfection. He liaised with the factory and procured several racing Porsches from Klaus Bishoff who at that time was responsible for Porsche Museum exhibits.

Eoin enjoyed several interesting Porsches having had his Porsche appetite whetted firstly by a 924 automatic that he used for frequent travel between home and Gibraltar. He had 1972 911 Carrera that led onto the ownership of 2 BRX, a 911 ST that had been rallied in period by McNally. Additionally he owned a Porsche engined Arrows F1 for a short while.

Eoin had an eclectic taste in cars and alongside the Porsches were his profound engineering respect for all things Citroen, for Eoin was a lover of all things mechanical.

In 2008 following the sad demise a year or so previously of David Gilhooley I was asked to co-drive with Eoin on the Tour Auto. It was a wonderful experience and he and I did several other motoring events together.

Our friendship was built upon respect and enthusiasm for motoring . This never subsided for even when his health took a turn for the worse in May and he was hospitalised in Salisbury his quest for information about cars remained uppermost in his conversations.

Eoin was as sharp as a pin and a great raconteur. I was honoured to award him Honourary Membership of PCGB whilst I was Chairman. I still cherish the handwritten response from Eoin accepting this accolade.

Eoin will be sadly missed by his friends, for the likes of him are rarely seen and Eoin truly brought a great deal to PCGB in his roles as Register Secretary and the PCGB Motorsport Board, that he served on until 2009.

Our condolences are offered to his children Andrew and Caroline and their respective families.

David Newton
Porsche Club GB Chairman 2003 to 2007

I was glad, as were many others, to be able to call Eoin Sloan friend. He was both interesting and interested, a mine of anecdotes and life events, many of which cannot be put into print!
Eoin was an officer, a gentleman, and a character! Born in Ayr in Scotland Eoin was a career navy man who studied at the Royal Naval Engineering College in Plymouth, spending much of the 1950s at sea on surface ships before becoming a submariner and ending up as Commander Engineering on the first series of the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines.
He was a serial Porsche collector having owned some prized cars over the years. Eoin played an important part in the Porsche Club. He was voted Member of the Year in 2004 and was made an honorary member in 2007. After disposing of his infamous 911 S/T 2BRX, Eoin purchased a rare rotary engined Citroen GS to satisfy his engineering curiosity. He also rallied a ‘standard’ GS.
Shooting was also a passion of Eoin’s, still scoring high with his small collection of historic guns until late in his life.
He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Mel Spear 
964 RS Register Secretary


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