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07 Dec 2023

Fay Coad

Loving wife of a former Club Official

Fay Coad, the wife of Ken Coad passed away peacefully on 17 November. Fay had been suffering from aphasia, a language disorder after being attacked and her car stolen some ten years ago. She spent the last six years in a care home, unable to speak or communicate.
Turning the clock back both Fay and Ken were very active in the Club and she was a great navigator, supporting Ken’s racing in an Mini and an MGB, sorting out wet and dry tyres and keeping an eye on the timing, often letting Ken know he wasn’t going fast enough by holding out a boot on a broom stick.
Fay was a lovely lady who made many friendships within the Club.
Her funeral will be held at Watford Crematorium at 10.30am on Monday, 18 December.

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