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02 May 2024

Photos by Jayson Fong

Enjoy extra savings with Esso this summer

Start saving today with the Porsche Club Esso Card™

Thanks to WEX, Club members can enjoy additional fuel savings this summer. On top of the established 6p per litre savings on Synergy Supreme+ fuels, a limited time offer* on Synergy standard fuels sees the savings increase from 1p to 3p per litre.
Normally priced at £48 each, Esso Cards™ are free for Club members, with each household able to apply for up to three cards. The Porsche Club Esso Card™ is not linked to a specific car, so you can use it with any vehicle you own.
Since the partnership began, Club members have saved over £245,000 and topped up more than six million litres of fuel! If you haven’t already, apply for your fuel card today using the link below.

Your membership number, which is required for the application is available here.  
After filling in the short online form, an agent from WEX will call you within 48 hours to complete your application. If they are unable to reach, they will call back at a later time and follow up with an email to arrange a suitable time.
*Terms and conditions apply: increased savings of 3p on Esso Synergy fuels will be valid until 19 September. Visit for full details. 

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