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22 May 2024

A global celebration of Pirelli performance

Don’t miss out on the Pirelli P Zero Experience™  

In the realm of automotive passion, few experiences rival the exhilaration of pushing high-performance vehicles to their limits. It's a symphony of power, precision, and adrenaline that enthusiasts across the globe seek to immerse themselves in. At the heart of this pursuit lies Pirelli's P Zero Experience™, an event series that epitomises the spirit of driving excellence.
Spanning continents and captivating enthusiasts from all areas, P Zero Experience™ is more than a track day event: it's a testament to the pursuit of automotive excellence. From the sun-drenched Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi to the storied circuit of Mugello, this global gathering showcases the pinnacle of automotive engineering at renowned circuits throughout the year, united under the banner of Pirelli's legendary P Zero product range.
On Wednesday, 19 June the hallowed tarmac of Silverstone Circuit will play host to the first of two UK legs in 2024 of this extraordinary global event programme. Nestled in Northamptonshire, Silverstone stands as a shrine to speed, where motorsport history intertwines with modern innovation. It's here that Porsche enthusiasts just like you can test the limits of their very own vehicles on the full Grand Prix circuit, soaking in the iconic Silverstone Wing, guided by the expertise of Pirelli's on-site team on the day and the availability to book seasoned instructors.
But the excitement doesn't end there. You will be based out of the incredible Wing at Silverstone, not only driving your own supercar on the track, but you will also have the opportunity to sign-up for a series of test drives and hot laps thanks to prestige car manufacturers – many having been long-term, successful partners with Pirelli.
Throughout the day you will also be welcomed into a dedicated Pirelli lounge area with non-stop hospitality, including a delicious lunch service, barista-style coffee and plenty of opportunities to soak in the famous Silverstone atmosphere.
As the automotive landscape evolves, so too does Pirelli’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance. The Pirelli P Zero Experience™ isn't just an event; it's a celebration of passion and innovation. We would love to see you at Silverstone with your Porsche!
Head to  now to discover more and secure your place.
Stay tuned for further details coming soon as Pirelli brings their P Zero Experience™ to the heartbeat of historic motoring at Goodwood Motor Circuit on 26 September. You can register your interest now by viewing the full event calendar here to be one of the first to hear all about it.

 Pirelli Trofeo RS tyre
For Porsche Club GB members who enjoy their track time, Pirelli are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new contender in the arena of performance: the Pirelli Trofeo RS tyre. Designed in close collaboration with Porsche, the Trofeo RS is the sportiest variant supplied by Pirelli, engineered to complement the new Taycan.
In fact, it is the top high-performance tyre in Pirelli's road range, a semi-slick tyre made with specially designed compounds derived from rally products. The specific development of the P Zero Trofeo RS for the new Porsche Taycan allows the car to achieve the maximum in track driving, thus providing high performance on dry surfaces, cornering grip, and consistency that allows for repeatable results over time.
Born from a legacy of innovation and performance, the Trofeo RS embodies the pinnacle of tyre technology, with both Pirelli and Porsche putting a tremendous amount of effort into the joint development of the tyres. These are now available in sizes 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21.
With its unrivalled capabilities, this tyre sets a new standard for electric performance, reaffirming Pirelli's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the road. Keep an eye out for some more exciting news from Porsche and Pirelli in the coming months. In the meantime, to find out more head to

Pirelli Pre-Paid Mastercard Offer
Porsche Club GB members can benefit from an exclusive offer of a Pirelli pre-paid Mastercard to spend online. Available only when purchasing Pirelli tyres from a Pirelli Performance Centres or official Porsche dealer, the card’s value depends on the size and quantity of tyres purchased as follows:
16” and below  
2 tyres = £10 | 4 tyres = £30  
2 tyres = £30 | 4 tyres = £70  
18” and 19”  
2 tyres = £50 | 4 tyres = £100  
20” and above  
2 tyres = £60 | 4 tyres = £120  

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