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17 Apr 2024

Driver Development for you and your Porsche

Exclusive tuition for Club members with CAT Driver Training  

The highly popular 2024 group development days organised by CAT Driver Training for all club members and all models started last month and run through to October. If you previously missed your chance to secure one of these in-demand places there are some limited spaces available in the coming months. 
Performance Driver Group Day
Friday 24 May - one space
Friday 7 June - one space
Friday 12 July - one space
Friday 2 August - two spaces
Saturday 31 August - two spaces
Friday 6 September - three spaces
Saturday 12 October - one space
Cornering Masterclass
Friday 4 October - four spaces
Group Optimisation
Friday 7th June - one space
Hillclimb and Sprint School
Saturday 25 May - two spaces
Friday 30 August - three spaces
Taking place at the incredible facilities at UTAC, previously Millbrook Proving Ground, in Bedfordshire each place costs £595 including VAT. The overview on the progressive pathway is found here
Home to the five unique circuits used for your development:

  1. The Mile Straight allows you to learn about threshold braking and stability in braking
  2. The High Speed Circuit will bowl you over with “hands free” driving at 100mph
  3. The Handling Circuit is tight, twisty and challenging
  4. The Alpine Route with its hills and variety of corners, from hairpins to long and sweeping bends
  5. The Dynamics/Steering Pad or Mile Straight Apron will put your Porsche through its paces on the wide open spaces
Follow in the footsteps of fellow members who by day’s end “felt at one with the car” and “tried to test the limit of the car and now know it’s me, not the car” as sample recent comments.
Please contact Jo at CAT Driver Training by email to to ask any questions and secure your place. 

Let us help you unlock the potential of your Porsche

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