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20 Apr 2023

Is it time to refinance your Porsche?

Club partners Oracle Finance explain why now might be the right time to refinance 

With the cost of living taking its grip on everyone’s finances these days, it is more crucial than ever to ensure you are getting the best deal for you. What might have been suitable for you and your  circumstances 12 months ago or longer, may not be appropriate for your situation now. With this in mind, it is a good idea to regularly review your car finance package, much like you would with a mortgage on your home, to ensure you are getting the most effective finance package for you.  A quick conversation with your very own Account Manager today about refinancing your vehicle and you could:

1) Reduce Your Monthly Payments
You might be able to adjust your monthly budget and/or lengthen your term without having to sell your car.

2) Obtain A Better Rate
You may have better rates available to you compared to when you originally took out your funding.

3) Refinance Your Balloon
Keep the car you love for longer and avoid paying the remainder as a lump sum.
Why Refinance Now?

Thanks to the rising interest rates, car finance packages are at their most competitive for many years, which is why now could be the perfect time to seek an alternative to your current arrangement. The favourable rates that dealerships could once offer are no longer applicable, and the playing field has become more level than ever. Not only that, but the single ‘one size fits all’ package that dealerships offer are designed to suit most situations and circumstances, which may mean a disadvantage for your particular vehicle or needs. Using our panel of some of the biggest lenders in the industry, we can create a bespoke package just for you that suits your circumstances and can tailor your funding package to your requirements.

Experts in everything we do
Our years of expertise in the specialist car market benefits our customers every day with up-to-date knowledge to guide our customers through the process with some of the most established dealerships throughout the nation. We can even help our customers find their dream vehicles if they haven’t found the right one already.

Reducing risk for you
With an extensive panel of specialist lenders, we have the ability to quickly identify the right lender for your budget and exact finance requirements, rather than you just accept the ‘one size fits all’ type finance package a dealership would try to place you into.

This in turn means that we can appeal decisions in house to reduce the number of credit searches. We’re committed to protecting our customers credit and therefore we undertake the relevant processes in house to get the lender and product right for you first time, every time. This greatly reduces the need for multiple hard searches to protect our customers.

Dedicated service at no cost
Our service extends beyond your initial funding enquiry, keeping you informed of industry changes and news to provide lifelong support with no cost to use our services for our customers. You will be given a dedicated Account Manager so that you deal with the same person every time you need us.

Therefore, you don’t need to repeat yourself on your requirements or what is most important to you every time. Your Account Manager will enjoy taking the time to get to know you and car aspirations to help guide you throughout your car buying process.

Start your Oracle Car Finance journey today by speaking to your dedicated Account Manager on 0330 333 4592 or by visiting our website Oracle Finance
Oracle Finance is a credit broker not a lender. They can introduce you to a number of different lenders who may be able to provide funding for your vehicle; they may receive commission for doing so. Oracle Asset Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 662576) for the sale of consumer credit. For more information, please visit


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