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07 Jan 2022

Your Esso Card™ questions answered

Find out how our exclusive fuel card savings work and apply for yours today

Members can currently save 6p per litre on premium fuels and 1p off standard fuels when using their Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ fuel card. Since our partnership began, Club members have enjoyed over £50,000 in savings. WEX Europe Services has listened to feedback from members and have put together answers to some very important questions.
How can I apply for the fuel card?
You can apply for the fuel card by filling in a short form on An Account Manager will then give you a call, which takes between 10-12 minutes, to take you through the application. You will need to send a photo of your driving licence as part of a fraud prevention check. Once received and all checks completed, you should receive your card/s and Pin/s in separate envelopes in the post within 5 – 7 working days.
Why do I have to set up a direct debit?
When you set up your Esso Card™ account we will ask you for your Direct Debit details. We need these as we need to know where to take to take payment for the fuel you draw at the discounted rate. 
How does the Esso Card™ work?
Simply fill up at any of our 1,221* Esso branded service stations across the UK. To pay for your fuel, go to the cashier desk and pass them your Esso Card™. The cashier will swipe the card and may ask you for your mileage and registration before asking you to enter your PIN. You will receive a receipt with the price of the pump on the day. The following Monday you’ll receive an invoice with all your transactions from the previous seven days. A week later, this will be taken from your nominated payment method.
If you don’t fuel with your Esso Card™ you won’t receive an invoice. You only pay for the fuel you use, at the discounted rate.
Why do I get asked for my mileage and registration?
The Esso Card™ like all fuel cards, are predominantly for businesses and the purpose of these questions are for security and ensuring that the cards are not being used inappropriately by employees.
Are there any fees or charges for having the Esso Card™?
Normally there is a cost of £43 per card, per year. However as an exclusive member benefit, the cards are free.
Can I have more than one card per household?
Porsche Club GB members are eligible to have up to three cards per household.
Can I only use the Esso Card™ when filling up my Porsche?
You can use the Esso Card™ for any of your household vehicles, it doesn’t necessarily need to be your Porsche, and so the savings can extend further.
I only use premium fuels. What fuel rating do Esso offer?
Since October 2018 Club members have been able to enjoy savings on Esso Synergy Supreme+ fuels (diesel and unleaded) which are a SU99 octane rating. As well as having a higher octane level, which matches the UK’s highest octane premium fuel, Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 Unleaded contains detergents to clean your engine, corrosion inhibitor to help prevent rust building up and a friction modifier to help keep your engine’s moving parts working more efficiently
How can I see how much I have saved?
Each invoice will show your net rebate amount. This doesn’t include the VAT you have paid. We have created a mini video guide to explain the process which you can find at
Will I still be charged if I don’t fill up one month?
No, you only pay for the fuel you fill up with. If you don’t fuel up, no payment will be taken.
Why can’t the card be used with the Esso app?
The Esso app is not linked to the Esso Card™. If you use the Esso app you won’t receive your exclusive discounts.
“There’s not an Esso station near me, and none in Northern Ireland. So, why should I apply for my Esso Card™?
You can download our e-route app which will show you where your nearest Esso branded service station is. You can also use this app when planning longer journeys as it will how you the Esso branded service stations along your route, helping you save money on your fuel costs (this mean you can spend more on enjoying your trip).
Can I use my Esso Card™ in other European Countries?
Yes your Esso Card™ is enabled to work in eight countries. You can also get up to 2 cent off per litre. If you want to receive the discount you will need to email us on with the following information: Account number, Account name and which EU countries they would like enabling. Options available are: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Once we have this we will be able to enable discounts in the chosen countries.
Why can’t the car wash or other services be paid for on the card?
Unfortunately you can only purchase fuel and lubricants on the Esso Card™. The main reason is that fuel cards are predominantly set-up for businesses.
Can I benefit from the Esso Card™ for my business?
Yes. You are eligible to apply for the Esso Card™ for your business with the same discounts and no fees. When you apply for the fuel card please speak to the sales agent and ask them how the Esso Card™ can benefit your business.
If you have any further questions about the Esso Card™ please email us on and we will endeavour to answer your queries with 5 working days.

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