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12 Oct 2021

Take part in brand experience research

Share your brand experience and you could win a one-day driving experience at the Silverstone PEC

Club member Bianca Ziegler is currently studying for her Doctorate in Business Administration at Henley Business School. Part of her research involves exploring Brand Experiences in Luxury Car Brand Communities. Her main objective is to understand how Porsche Club members with different personality traits interact with the Porsche brand, build individual customer journeys and form brand experiences.
This research aims to:
  • Understand what motivates Porsche Club members to engage with the Porsche brand.
  • Identify meaningful interactions between the Porsche Club members and the Porsche brand.
  • Assess the importance and impact of events on the relationship with the brand (before and during the COVID-19 pandemic). 
  • Link distinct personality trait with brand experiences.
This is the first part of a two-stage study, forming part of her Doctorate. The research is not sponsored by any company or organisation.  
To fulfil her research, Bianca would like to invite Club members participate in a Teams, Skype or Zoom video interview of about 30 minutes. A number of Club members have already taken part, but there's still time to share your views.
All research findings will be anonymous, and your identification will remain confidential at all stages of the research.
Your participation is entirely voluntary. You have the right to decline to answer any of the questions and you are free to withdraw from the interview at any time. 

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