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27 Oct 2020

Photos by Richard Pearce

Reunited at long last

Paul Brand loved his GT3 RS so much he cried when he sold it – and wept tears of joy when they were reunited several years later

As a child I had a model of a 356. I didn’t really know what it was but I liked the look of it. Then when I was 16, I saw a 911 in London swoop in and pick up a beautiful girl and was transfixed for five minutes. It was then I decided I must own a Porsche one day.
I started my own property sales business in 1983, and as soon as we made some money I bought a two-tone Onyx Green 924 Turbo. Next was a Silver 928 S1 then a 1982 Guards Red 911 SC coupé – followed by others!

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