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24 Mar 2020

Multiple savings with your Esso Card™

Make the money-saving Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ a real family affair

Porsche Club members often say the Club is like a family, so it’s good to know that when you have a Porsche Club GB Esso Card™, your family can share the benefits.
One of the big bonuses of an Esso Card™
is that you can have up to three fuel cards per household so that when your partner and children pay using one of your cards, they’ll receive the same great discounts that you enjoy.Each time you or a member of your household tops up using a Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ you’ll save:

  • 2p on every litre of Esso Synergy Supreme diesel or unleaded.
  • 1p on Esso Synergy standard diesel and unleaded.
And there’s even more good news, because the discounts on your fuel expenditure apply regardless of which vehicle the fuel is purchased for – from your Porsche to your petrol-driven lawnmower!
It’s so easy to share to multiply the benefits of your Esso Card™. If you’re already signed up, all you have to do is call 01270 531992 and one of our friendly UK-based customer service advisors will add the extra fuel cards to your account. The lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm every weekday.
If you don’t yet have an Esso Card™, just visit and fill in the user-friendly form. Our fuel cards normally cost £36 per card each year, but a Porsche Club GB Esso Card™ is free, giving you another saving. 
Other benefits to having three or more Esso Cards™ in your household are access to 1220-plus Esso fuel stations across the UK. More than 1300 Club members have already signed up for a fuel card, saving thousands of pounds since the scheme began through our straightforward three-step process.

1. Fill up any household vehicle at an Esso filling station, then swipe your Esso Card™ at the cashier’s desk.
2. We’ll email an invoice for transactions completed each week the following week, showing exactly how much you’ve spent on fuel at the discounted Club rate.
3. Seven days later, the sum on your invoice will be taken via direct debit. If you didn’t use your card, no money will be debited.
Claim your Esso Card™
The exclusive PCGB-branded Esso Card™ is available now. If you haven’t already done so, apply for yours online at or call 01270 531 992 quoting ‘Porsche’ for more details.

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