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07 Jul 2020

Photos by Lee Brimble

Inside Tuthill’s new premises

We visit one of the foremost classic Porsche workshops following a monumental redevelopment

Most members will be familiar with Tuthill Porsche, the Oxfordshire-based independent specialist which has, over the past 30-odd years, carved out an enviable name for itself among the world’s elite preparers of air-cooled 911s.
When we last paid a visit three years ago, it was to document the imminent arrival of the 2.0L Cup, the hugely successful pro-am race series for early short-wheelbase 911s. Back then, as it had been since its earliest days, Tuthill was a series of sheds, disconnected light industrial prefabs on a small plot in the village of Wardington, just off the M40. Strangely inauspicious surroundings for a company with an international reputation for building the very best road, race and rally cars.

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