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21 Apr 2020

RS 60 @ 60

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of a very special sports car

In 1960 Porsche introduced the final evolution of its Carrera-based racing spyder, the RS 60. Despite being officially classified as a Type 718, the RS 60 improved upon its direct predecessor with a wider cockpit, independent wishbone rear suspension, uprated brakes, and 15-inch wheels.
The car featured a wheelbase four inches longer than the 718 RSK, which combined with smaller wheels and an advanced suspension was able to deliver more predictable and preferable handling dynamics.

Power for the RS 60 continued to come from a variety of four-cam engines. Karrosserie Wendler developed its prior spyder coachwork including a framed windscreen and luggage platform (as mandated by the FIA) and subtle modifications to the nose, doors, and head fairing.
Eighteen RS 60 examples were ultimately built, of which 14 were sold to privateering customers and stamped with chassis numbers commencing with 718-051. Porsche retained four cars for its factory efforts. These examples were denoted with a slightly different numbering sequence, ranging from 718-041 to 718-044.

As works-prepared cars, these four RS 60s were built with features unavailable on the customer cars, such as separate left and right front torsion bars (similar to the 718/2 Formula 2), integrated driving lamps, and a flat-black dashboard mounted with an exposed fuse box.

With such technical advances, the RS 60 proved to be the first Porsche capable of threatening larger-displacement classes, often competing for outright wins against established favourite’s like Ferrari.

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