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20 Sep 2019

Fuel for thought

Answering your questions on the Porsche Club Esso Card™  

This summer was a busy time for the WEX Europe Services team as they travelled around the country attending Club events and shows including the Silverstone Classic and Yorkshire Porsche Festival.
Since the partnership began, Club members have saved over £8,500 and based on the feedback from events this summer, we’ve put together some useful tips and tools for you to get the most out of your Esso Card™.   
3 steps to using your Esso Card™
A key theme that emerged from Club member feedback involved queries about how a fuel card works and what happens once you have signed up for an account:

  1. Fill up as usual at any of more than 1,220 Esso filling stations across the UK using your Esso Card™ to pay at the cashier desk as you would with a normal debit or credit card.
  2. The following week you will receive a digital invoice detailing each payment at each Esso station. This statement will outline how much you have spent – and saved – on your fuel payments, net of VAT. With all payments provided in one invoice, you can easily track your expenditure and plan your cash flow more effectively.  If you do not use your card to pay for fuel that week, you will not receive an invoice the following week.
  3. Seven days after receiving this notice, the amount stated on your invoice will be debited from your nominated bank account – it’s that simple!
In addition, thanks to WEX Europe Services’ partnership with PCGB, members can use their Esso Card™ free of fees or usage requirements. You pay only for the fuel you have purchased, with no additional charges.
Video makes invoices easy
Club members also raised queries relating to the interpretation of their invoices and because we are committed to listening to our customers’ feedback, we’ve taken action to address your questions by creating a useful video guide, exclusively for PCGB members.
This sets out both how to read your invoice and calculate the great savings you
have made by using your Esso Card™.
Summer Sale
Enjoy even greater savings in the WEX Europe Services Summer Sale. Until 30 September both new and existing customers will benefit from increased savings on premium and standard fuels:
  • 5p per litre discount on Premium Esso fuel (Synergy Supreme+ diesel and unleaded) – more than double the normal saving
  • 2p per litre discount on standard Esso fuels (Synergy standard diesel and unleaded)
The exclusive PCGB-branded Esso Card™ is available now. Apply online at or call 01270 531992 quoting ‘Porsche’ for more details.

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