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25 Oct 2019

The great debate – shades of opinion

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

Is paint to sample really worth the hefty extra expense?

Ian: PTS involves more money than sense. Invest in proper upgrades like ceramic brakes or Sports Chrono.

Nick H: I would rather spend the extra on PCCB if it’s a 911 – lighter and better stopping when warm.

Ryan: It wasn’t too much more of an expense when added to the entire cost of our Targa GTS, but there’s no way I would do PTS now – the price has gone so high!

Helen: No – we had our Macan Turbo Plus done in a 356 colour. It looks stunning but is worth less as it’s a colour not everyone will like.

Cliff: The window for PTS is only open at certain times so can delay your order. If the colour you want has already been tested, it may
be three months. If not, it might be six to nine.

Richard: I believe some manufacturers restrict the range of standard colours to encouragepeople to spend more on individual paint.


Nick W: It’s not about cost, it’s about offering customers what they really want. I’ve seen
people in tears when they see their own creation. That’s priceless. To them. And to Porsche.

Sue: Riviera Blue Macan. Paint to sample. It took ages to choose, a year on order and I didn’t know what it would be like until the covers came off. I’ve had hours of enjoyment – no idea how it affects the value because I don’t care.

Matthew: I was looking to add something lairy to the garage and was considering  Huracáns and McLarens. Then I heard about a PTS Viper Green GT3 and was saved...

James: If I were spending what is now averaging around £100,000 per car, it has to be worth making a personal statement.

Martin: If you are buying it for yourself, not future resale, do what’s best for you. A classic Porsche colour that tastefully matches the interior colour and trim can be worth the extra cost and makes the car unique.
75% / 25% split in favour of paint to sample
What’s the verdict?
PTS was a runaway winner this month. While some of you were pretty sceptical about its cost and long-term implications, for a large
majority the joy and individuality attached to PTS are clearly worth every penny.
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