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26 Nov 2019

The great debate – wheels on fire

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

When it comes to wheel size, does bigger always mean better?
Stuart: My old car had 20-inch wheels and the new one has 18 inch. The current Porsche is noticeably more comfortable – it also has PASM, so you can stiffen it up when needed.
Stephen: My original Boxster, on original 16-inch wheels, rides beautifully. It has taken me too many years to learn that spending money on larger wheels for vanity simply destroys the ride.
Roger: I can’t understand the crazy trend for bigger wheels and lower-profile tyres.
It destroys the comfort, makes you more prone to tramlining and should be confined to track use only.
Paul: I had a 968 Club Sport with 18-inch wheels and it was horrendous. Putting on the correct 17-inch wheels transformed the handling.
Keith: I avoid big wheels. My Boxster has the standard 17-inch wheels and I wouldn’t buy a car with anything more than 18 inches.
Mark: Big wheels are best. I have 20-inch Carrera S wheels on my 981 Boxster S... it’s all about the handling.
Richard: I fitted 19-inch rims to my 996 Turbo with 315 rubber bands at the back. The ride is harsher but road holding and looks are better.
Steve: My 992 comes standard with 20-inch front and 21-inch back. I think the handling is best with this set-up. Bearing in mind it’s a pure sports car, it rides very comfortably when on motorway-type trips.
Andy: F1 cars are moving to 18 inch in the 2021 season. The current 13 inch is far from optimal for brakes and other things – they are there only because they always have been. The suspension and kinematics need a lot of work to change them, but it is ahead.
Deb: The bigger the wheel and shorter the tyre sidewall the better it handles, but it gives a rough ride. A taller sidewall and smaller wheel is a more comfortable ride, with less handling.
65% / 35% split in favour of smaller over larger
Whats the verdict?
Whether you were in favour of a larger or smaller wheel, you had one thing in common: size definitely matters. There were strong advocates for both sides of the argument but it was the less is more camp that claimed victory.
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