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05 Nov 2019

Go green with your exclusive Esso Card™

How your Esso Card™ can help the world’s forests grow

Eco Miles is a combined project between WEX Europe Services, owner of the Esso Card™, and environmental conservation group WeForest, which allows Club members to make a difference with just a small monthly donation.
Via the scheme, Esso Card™ holders can choose to opt in to make a £1.50 payment each month to fund tree planting, reforestation and other environmental community schemes around the world.
These projects not only help offset the effects of carbon emissions but also work towards improving local biodiversity, drought prevention and economic deprivation.
The power of trees
Reforestation is a natural method for combating global warming as trees simultaneously draw carbon from the atmosphere and produce oxygen that improves air quality, while providing homes for wildlife and securing livelihoods for local communities.
Since 2017, WEX Europe Services customers have funded the planting of more than 3.2 million trees and dedicated community engagement projects in rural Zambia, which will lead to the removal of 387,200 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years.
Opt in today
The Eco Miles initiative is entirely voluntary, but your donation each month can make a difference.
To learn more about Eco Miles, and to opt in, visit, where you can also easily opt out.
Claim your Esso Card™
The exclusive PCGB-branded Esso Card™ is available now. If you haven’t already done so, apply for yours online at or call 01270 531 992 quoting ‘Porsche’ for more details.

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