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26 May 2019

The great debate – size matters

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

Will the wider track of the new 992 be a turn-off for keener drivers? You have your say.
Robert: Every evolution of the 911 has made it a better car for sure but a better
911 will always be debatable. I think size is less important than the actual feel of the car. With more and more driver aids and clever tech and more power, it’s definitely becoming an awesome GT car.
Peter: The wider track should appeal to keen drivers as it will help turn in. The width is the same as the GT3 and the previous 991 GTS.
Jane: It shouldn’t be an issue for those of us who like to ‘hang the tail end out’.
Steve: Stickier tyres, wider track and sophisticated suspension will all make it more stable and easy to drive.
Nigel: The wider track referred to is, I think, the front wheels. The 992 has a wider front track than the 991; the rear is the same as the wide bodies, therefore it is still so easy to position.
Nick: My concern is more around whether it remains a genuine sports car or, given the ever increasing size and proportions, should it now simply be classed as a GT car?
MJ: The limits of grip will be greater, but will possibly arrive more suddenly. Expect a few hedgerows!
John: It’s massive now, my Cayman is bigger than my 993 Turbo. It will be a struggle to get it to move around safely on UK roads.
Terry: I don’t mind the wider track but that back end is just not attractive.
Angus: Wider track doesn’t suit roads in ‘off the beaten track’ UK. Choose your roads wisely!
Iain: It’s become a grand tourer and I don’t like that concept – just my opinion after having driven one for three hours on narrow Highland roads...
65% / 35% split between wider track fans and sceptics

Whats the verdict?
Most of you are happy – enthusiastic, even – when it comes to the 911’s ongoing evolution. Doubters worry that the 992 is more grand tourer than traditional sports car, but the performance gains speak for themselves.
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