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07 May 2019

Photos by Richard Pearce

Figure of 8 – the all new 992

We get behind the wheel of the new, improved and determinedly different 911

This is the eighth time in Club history that someone has been tasked with dissecting an all-new 911: at once a privilege and a huge responsibility. For even as Porsche’s range grows, with new niche lines and electrification carving out a diverse and digitised future, the 911 remains the defining, pivotal product, the beating heart of Stuttgart.
On approach, the 992 is instantly distinguishable from the car it replaces in almost every respect. Most obvious are the muscular arches that contain a newly standardised wider track, adding some 45mm up front, even on the Carrera 2. Somehow the 992 accommodates the change with ease, testament to the skill of Michael Mauer’s design team.

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