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17 May 2019

Photos by Henry Duprey

California dreaming – Inside Luftgekühlt 6

Porsche Club makes the pilgrimage to Luftgekühlt 6

Luft is not merely a gathering of some of the finest aircooled Porsche’s from around the world but a celebration of the people and the culture that makes the marque what it is today.

To set the scene, Californian car culture is diverse and expressive. Whether you’re driving down Rodeo Drive or through the streets of Burbank it’s apparent that Californian Porsche enthusiasts are brave, bold and passionate.

It’s not uncommon to see an SWB 911 doing the supermarket run or a 914-6 parked up at the beach. Far from being reserved for the weekend, Porsche culture is ingrained into the daily lives of the place and the people that made it Porsche’s largest market outside of Europe.

Luft is the absolute epitome of this. No better is the blend of culture, diversity and history clebrated than seeing the RUF yellowbird parked next 3.0L 914s. The backdrop of Universal Studios’ backlot tied the entire event together in a perfectly packed experience.

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