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30 May 2019

Photos by Ed Pike

993 Technical Seminar with Porsche Centre Swindon

Our latest technical seminar set a new standard for excellence

Words: Maurice Piper
Photos: Ed Pike
Owning a 993 is both a pleasure and a privilege. Increasing your knowledge of the last of the air-cooled 911s can only add another layer to your enjoyment of this much-loved classic, or if you’re thinking about buying one it will help you to make a better-informed purchase.
So praise is due to PCGB for teaming up with Porsche Centre Swindon and Porsche GB to present the recent Porsche 993 Technical Seminar, which turned out to be a brilliant event and certainly the best technical day the Club has run, in my experience.

That’s testament to the huge commitment to the day from PC Swindon Centre Principal Simon Lisemore and his staff, Porsche Classic technical experts and Porsche GB’s tech guru Steve Walker, along with Mandy Sear and colleagues from the Clubhouse team.

As 993 Register Secretary, I met Simon and Mandy, plus Porsche Centre Swindon’s workshop manager and others, 10 days before the seminar, bringing with me a list of hot topics gathered from more than 15 years of Register experience. Simon and his team duly covered 98 per cent of any queries I had at the seminar!
With 120 confirmed attendees, wall-to-wall 993s in front of Porsche Centre Swindon were the order of the day on 7 April. I met many old friends and stalwarts of the Register, some of whom were doing a 300-mile round trip to attend, and it was great to meet many people I had only corresponded with on the 993 Forum or by email.

The centre’s commitment to classic sales and services was clear in a beautiful example of the 993S Vesuvio, which had been for sale on my first trip but was now sold. There were also several 993s in the workshop as exhibits, plus a 993 crankcase and a complete engine on stands to view in detail.
A great team from Porsche Classic and Porsche GB fronted various technical and information sessions alongside excellent slots from Pirelli and Swissvax. During the day, attendees were split into groups to cover three different topics on
three exhibits in the workshop.

First, we looked at a 993 on an alignment lift, examining well-used kinematic toe gauges set up on the rear suspension. This was coupled with some detailed theory of operation of the first application of rear-wheel steering in a 911. We ran through all the suspension adjustments, including the likely impact on handling and tyre wear of specific adjustments being incorrect.
We then moved on to general 993 issues, going through all the likely corrosion points – front and rear screen cavities, wheel arches and chassis legs. We also had a general tour of the various systems of the 993, with any questions dealt with.

Finally, we looked at engines, with points touched on including twin distributor belts, oil leaks, ZDDP content and sensible oil types to use, Porsche oil testing/certification and engine wiring looms – all these and more were covered by the extremely knowledgeable Steve Walker.
The excellent Pirelli representative discussed aspects of tyre construction using sections of real tyres, and was happy to talk F1 while also explaining what might be tweaked for an N designation and how it would feed into Porsche approval. In our session with the Swissvax representative, I asked about how best to treat new paint (very pertinent to me) and we also tested his knowledge of how to best present a period-correct finish.

Such was the level of free exchange with participants during the day that few issues remained to be discussed in the Q&A at the end of the day. Those who could not attend this seminar certainly missed out. The level of delivery from everyone involved is a model for what we can achieve in the future with Porsche Club GB.

You can enjoy more photos from the event in a gallery here.

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