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06 Mar 2019

Magic Formula

A midlife facelift for the all-conquering Macan promises more of the excellent same.

Words: Matt Master
Photos: Richard Pearce
The staggering commercial success of the Gen 1 Macan threatens to make moot a detailed critique of this midlife refresh. At its peak in 2018, Porsche shifted just over 97,000 Macans globally, a figure that only dropped to a little over 86,000 last year despite the deletion of diesel from the line-up and the knowledge that a replacement was imminent.
For context, around 15,000 fewer Cayennes found homes in the same period, while the sporting stable of 911 and 718 managed to move a shade over 35,000 and 24,000 respectively. For Porsche itself then, the Macan is exceptionally good business, and it seems its international customer base needs no reassurance.

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