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21 Jun 2019

The great debate – back to the future

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

With a new hypercar in the Porsche pipeline, should its design reflect the past or future?
Jake: I think they should take inspiration from the classics – who doesn’t love those? Porsche always masters the remakes.
Rachel: Porsche should keep doing what it has been doing for decades by building on success. That’s what we all appreciate.
Samuel: Refer back to the past as the future of cars looks rather sad.
Matt: Just make a road-legal 961 already!
Jan-Erik: It doesn’t matter… but please don’t make it electric.
Wyatt: It should always be a nod to the past (but look to the future for upgrades).
Joe: Porsche should go for classic models but with futuristic tech.
James: If it ain’t broke, why change it?
Matthew: Retro is best in my opinion.
Luke: If a company such as Hyundai is championing hydrogen fuel cell technology, then Porsche should be looking that way too.
Kevin: Denying the lineage of the best car company in the world would be criminal but there also needs to be a healthy dose of looking forward. A car based on the 917 study and pitched at the 812 Superfast/Aventador buyer would be just the ticket.
Drew: Look to the future – Porsche is a master of creating new classics.
Steve: The 918 and Taycan have already shown future vision – more of that please. Retro? No thanks!
Jonathan: Porsche has to lead the way, its hypercars have always broken the mould.
Russell: Porsche seems to have the skill of making the bloodline between old and new quite obvious. It takes inspiration from the past while looking forward.
 55% / 45% split between the future and the past

What’s the verdict?
A focus on the future just edged it this month, but many of you felt that a bit of both was the way forward. With its new hypercar not due before 2025, there’s plenty of time for Porsche to decide.

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