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20 Dec 2019

The great debate – head or heart?

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

Was your Porsche purchase a case of love at first sight or cool and careful consideration?
Rodney: I trust my heart to make a decision my head would agree with!
Simon: I bought a Cayman S without even seeing it while picking up my 968 S from the MOT… then bought a Cayman R while picking up the CS from its MOT.
Ian: Has any Porsche ever been bought with the head? All are bought with the heart, with the hope that the head was paying enough attention to insist on a pre-purchase inspection!
Gary: I bought a 987.2 Cayman S without having even driven a Porsche. I flew 380 miles to collect it and drove it home. I knew I was going to love it, my heart told me, and the head did the maths and risk assessment.
Steve: Heart every time. Minds are easily changed, heart impulses are always true – expensive, dangerous maybe, but always true.
Grant: Heart all day long! Life is too short – enjoy the open roads while we can.
Sean: With your head, so that you enter the custodial relationship knowing what is expected of you.
Miles: Surely most are bought with the head. If the heart were to blame, you’d mostly have Italian cars!
Mikaelle: Not my heart, or I’d have some serious repayments for the foreseeable future!
Stephen: Being in the business of selling cars, I find almost all Porsche buyers purchase with their heads. I’ve just sold a 981 Boxster to a gentleman who’s been looking for two years. And every other Porsche I’ve sold has been to buyers who have been looking for a long time – certainly not a spur of the moment purchase!
Darren: As it’s a Porsche, your heart does the talking. But your head knows it makes sense.
Simon: The heart leads the way but you need to have your head on properly, particularly if buying a classic.
80% / 20% split in favour of head over heart

Whats the verdict?
Who said romance was dead? When it comes to buying a Porsche, your overwhelming response was that it has to be true love, not a marriage of convenience... although some of you acknowledged that the head also has a part to play. 
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