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27 Aug 2019

The great debate – crazy horses

Tackling the hottest topics from planet Porsche. This month we ask you...

With the 992 GT3 in development, is there still a place for a 500+bhp Porsche road car?
Stephen: I use every one of the 560 horses in mine every time it gets driven!
Mat: There’s definitely a place and a need for it. I just wish there were roads in good enough repair in England to drive them on.
Toby: There will never not be a place for such a thing. Long live the GT3!
John: Yes, at least before speed governors come in – after that, sadly, I’m not so sure.
James: GT cars aren’t just about speed for me, it’s about the direct feedback you get from a light car with power that’s usable on a good road in the dry. I’ve done 10,000 miles in my Touring in 12 months. It has been a wholly engaging experience, so bring on the 992 GT3.
Chris: Absolutely! But Turbo S – I wouldn’t go back to a GT3 having had the Turbo S. It’s the best GT car on the planet.
Mark: Hell, yeah! Why stop at 500?
: If I’m honest with myself, no. I use full throttle at max revs very occasionally in my C2. Much as I like the idea of a Turbo or GT3 in the vast majority of my driving, it would be like using a racehorse to deliver the milk.
Paul: It depends on whether the owner plans to track the car or not. With 500+bhp you wonder how much of it you can make use of on the road while managing to keep your licence.
Tim: Sadly not in the UK, it’s wasted here. The volume of traffic on ill-maintained roads not built to cope with them precludes having a high-performance car.
Larry: Most GT cars spend their lives under a sheet in a heated garage anyway.
Brian: It doesn’t matter, as it never seems possible to buy a new one from Porsche.
Trevor: Our roads are so crowded that there are limited opportunities to use the power to its full potential.
65% / 55% split between yes please and questionable

What’s the verdict?
Many of your drives have space for a 992 GT3, although there was also frustration at the lack of roads on which to reap the full benefit of a 500+bhp car and difficulties in sourcing new models. But overall, the message was bring it on.
Next month: Will the all-electric Taycan still have that all-important Porsche soul? Visit the Club’s Facebook Page for your chance to contribute.

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