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21 Aug 2019

Photos by Jayson Fong

Green Giant – the Panamera GTS

Can the transformative magic of ‘GTS’ put some lead in the Panamera’s pencil?

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in, the Panamera has grown from marginalised niche to a principal pillar of Porsche’s global business strategy. Bolstered by strong demand in China and recently reinvigorated by a redesign, the current Panamera is a compelling package, melding the demands of executive and family transport with deceptive ease. But can a car that offers a viable luxury alternative to the Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8 ever be a true Porsche? As of now, yes.
The Panamera GTS is a product that, in the traditional vein of the GTS moniker, bridges the gap between S and Turbo, adopting all the performance trimmings available as options, increasing output and adding a host of interior and exterior design cues that set it apart from the rest of the range. On face value, this might seem like an odd thing to do to an executive saloon. Scratch the surface, however, and there’s a compelling logic to it all.

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