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12 Apr 2019

Photos by Chris Labrooy

Parallel Universe – the surreal world of Chris Labrooy

Catching up with digital designer and Porsche fanatic Chris Labrooy

Please do not adjust your set, viewers. You’ve entered the surreal world of digital designer Chris Labrooy, where preconceptions are sabotaged and 911s veer into uncharted territory. This digital distortion is a labour of love that combines Chris’s passion for cars – Porsches in particular – with creating unique, impactful images for the likes of Apple, Nike, Jaguar and, naturally, Stuttgart’s finest.
Having studied product design at the Royal College of Art, Chris started utilising 3D modelling technology to create architectural visualisations, typography and lettering. From there, a pastime foray utilising the technology in a more creative direction took off, leading towards automotive manipulations.

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