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23 Apr 2019

Photos by Richard Pearce

Apex Predator – 917 at 50: Part 2

Hands on with the most powerful Porsche ever made

The 12th March 1969 was a defining moment in Porsche’s history. On this day, some fifty years ago, the very first 917 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Before a global audience of press and public, Porsche had announced its intention to enter a new era of sportscar racing, and announced its desire to win big.
The 917 programme ran from the Spring of 1969 until late 1973, eventually dominating top tier motorsport on two continents and cementing Porsche’s global racing reputation. From a faltering start to the overwhelming success of the Can-Am car featured here, the 917 remains one of the most evocative, iconic sports cars of all time.

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