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24 Feb 2016

Three reasons why you should avoid a general insurer

Insurance tips and advice from Lockton.

Insurance tips and advice from Lockton.

You’re probably already making plans for your summer motoring.  Securing the right insurance protection for your treasured Porsche should be an important part of this process.  Leaving you confident that an accident or breakdown at home or abroad can be resolved without the added stress of an infuriating haggle with your insurer. 

That’s why you should avoid general insurers – companies that offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies for any car from the family runabout to the most precious classic. 

Most motor insurers are generalists.  However, the cover you need for the average family hatchback is not necessarily the cover you need for a thoroughbred performance car or an adored classic.

Lockton Performance, the PCGB Scheme broker, are performance and classic car specialists.  
Whether you run a Cayman GTS for everyday use or cherish a concours-standard 1988 911 3.2 Carrera – Lockton understand.  They have been arranging insurance, repair and restoration of Porsches for many years.  They also insure other owner clubs, track days and concours events.

Here are just three areas where the PCGB Scheme by Lckton offers more than a general insurer:

Accident Repairs
Do you have a garage you trust with your Porsche?  After an accident, most insurers will direct you to one of their ‘approved’ garages.  The PCGB Scheme lets you choose your repairer – based on what’s best for your car.  It insists on genuine Porsche parts, where possible.   And, unlike most insurers, it doesn’t make a deduction for previous wear and tear on expensive replacement items like tyres.

Track Days
Many insurers refuse to cover Track Days, or do so only as an expensive extra.  At no extra charge, but subject to some underwriting terms and conditions, the PCGB Scheme can cover you for PCGB Track Days with full accident damage cover and up to £2m liability cover.

Driving Abroad
Driving abroad and breakdowns are often thorny areas.  As a member of the PCGB Scheme you’re automatically covered, as standard, not only for driving in the EU, but also for breakdown and recovery in the UK and EU.  What’s more, you’re covered for hotel accommodation and transport home, if needed.  How many other schemes can claim all this?

So what’s the catch?
There is none.  The PCGB Scheme is renowned for its unrivalled service. It strives to quickly put your car back on the road as it was before the claim.  It offers superb cover tailored to your needs and it doesn’t cost the earth. 

Why not give your Porsche the best. Rather than just renewing with your existing insurer ask for a quote from the Club Scheme by calling Lockton on 0845 602 9420.

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