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22 Jan 2015

New era for Autofarm

Management team of Mikey Wastie and Steve Wood are the new owners of Autofarm and will continue to work alongside renowned Porsche specialist Josh Sadler.

Following over 40 years of running one of the UK’s most respected independent Porsche specialists, Josh Sadler has sold Autofarm to the existing management team of Mikey Wastie and Steve Wood.
The deal will see Sadler continuing to work at Autofarm as heritage director, drawing upon his almost unparalleled knowledge of Porsche cars such as the RS2.7 to manage the Sales and Heritage side of the business.
Mikey Wastie, who has worked at Autofarm for over 15 years, will oversee the burgeoning Engines, Projects and Restoration division whilst long time supplier and former Carrera Cup racer Steve Wood will manage the Service and Storage. Together they will continue to lead the company’s ongoing expansion, whilst retaining the character and personal touch that typifies the Autofarm customer experience.
“We have been working on making this a seamless transition for staff and customers for some months and I am delighted Mikey and Steve engender the true passion needed for the Porsche marque and our customers,” says Sadler.
“Stepping away from the day to day running will enable me to focus more on our car sales and Classic and Heritage side. As 911 values have risen, provenance has become increasingly important and investors are seeking perfect, correct specification cars. It’s an area where with Autofarm’s expertise and history, we can really help customers.”
For Autofarm’s new custodians, the ownership is exciting but both are mindful of the responsibility of looking after a brand that has been part of the Porsche scene for so long. “It is an immense privilege to now own and manage this company,” says Mikey Wastie.
“Steve and I have been involved with Autofarm for a combined 25 years so we understand and appreciate what we now have! Josh still being part of the business is a huge benefit as we take Autofarm forward.”
The transition of responsibilities has been happening discretely for the past six months with Mikey and Steve working alongside Josh on all aspects of the business. All current staff, together with two new employees, one of which is a new apprentice, continue to work at Autofarm, underlining Mikey and Steve’s commitment not only to preserving Autofarm’s experience and heritage but also preparing for its future. 

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