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06 May 2024


Opening rounds of the Porsche Club Speed Championship

First Two Rounds of 2024 at Ty Croes, Anglesey May

Porsche Club GB Speed Championship 2024 with NINEMEISTER
Saturday 4th May, Round 1
Ty Croes is known for its sometimes unpredictable and changeable weather. The circuit sits high on the coast with spectacular views of the sea and the Welsh mountains. It's very much a driver's circuit, fast and well surfaced and it boasts a great paddock, pitlane garages and a very decent cafe when calories are urgently needed!
Saturday Practice
Ten drivers brought their cars to the events on Saturday and Sunday. The hours before dawn on Saturday were cold and wet with a brisk wind. By the time practice runs began the track was still wet and temperatures were low meaning grip levels were also not the best.
Launching into practice, a double lap affair, the cars scrabbled for grip.

Quickest overall in practice was Stephen Jory in his P4 class 944 S2 with a great time of 134.94 seconds, an early indication that Stephen and the 944 were on form. David Dyson took the big, powerful and gloriously sounding GT3 to a 146 second time in P1 and leading the way for the class P3 drivers, Wayne Eason took his Boxster to a 142,63 second run.

Timed Runs
While the rain had largely stopped the wind was really cold as I stood looking at the hairpin corner hoping to get some action shots as the cars tested the limits of adhesion. Drying practice times are a poor indicator of what might be possible when things dry out fully. And so it was on this occasion. Over the three scoring timed runs David Dyson managed to drop his time by over 26 seconds to a very rapid 119.82 best time taking the P1 win. David didn't have any class opposition, but the sport is about beating your times and David showed his experience in dialling his driving in to the changing conditions to get the fastest time of the day in the most powerful car.
In P3 Jon Baldock was well and truly in the mix in his Boxster ending the day with a best of 128.98 seconds to take third place. Geraint Evans overcame the disadvantage of having an issue on his practice run to set a strong first timed run time and then improved that in subsequent runs to take second in a time of 128.05 seconds. Winning class P3 was Wayne Eason in his Boxster with a very committed time of 124.91 seconds. 
That early promise shown by Stephen Jory continued into the timed runs and  leading by a handful of seconds he took the class win with a very impressive 124.75 second run, all the more impressive when it came to light that his engine had jumped a balance shaft belt and needed repair before the Sunday event!
Stephens main rival Martin Leach brought the very pretty 911E home in a solid 130.25 second run to take second place in the class and Ian Cristol, driving his standard road legal Boxster recorded a great time of 135.75 seconds to grab the third place prize in P4 .
A special mention for Chris Milne who, driving his Boxster in P3, was remarkably consistent with his times across the day,  clearly one to watch in future.
As we all settled in for the night and many of us gathered in the cafe on the circuit for a well earned meal and a drink Stephen Jory was joined by Wayne Eason and Graham Rose in his attempts to solve a major vibration issue with his car. The fact that several genuine championship rivals spent time helping him achieve that wasn't a surprise to any of us , its what the speed folk do, sporting behaviour at its best!
Sunday 5th May, Round 2
Ty Croes welcomed us all from our slumbers with a stunning blue sky, warm breeze and brilliant driving conditions! The view across the sea from the paddock was just perfect and everyone was keen to get out there onto the brilliant Ty Croes track to push for quick times in near perfect conditions.
The Sunday round was to be run on a different circuit layout, using fast and technical  stretches and quite different from the day before.  The drivers needed to reset their driving from the tricky conditions of the previous day to make the most of the sunshine.
Times were quick from the start of practice runs with David Dyson again running the quickest in his P1 class GT3 with a best practice time of 95.74 seconds. The launch and the sound of the GT3 as it accelerated away was quite something to watch.
In P3 just 1.32 seconds covered the top three cars after practice with Wayne Eason quickest by just 0.32 seconds in his Boxster over the also very quick fellow Boxster pilot Jon Baldock.
P4 was again dominated by the very on form Stephen Jory in his now vibration free 944 who ended practice with just over three seconds in hand over Martin Leach in his 911E.

Timed Runs 
In P1 David Dyson roared away from the line in the mighty GT3, and running in road trim with normal road tires, he managed a very rapid 95.20 second time as his best for the day.
In P3 Graham Rose showed great promise for the season ahead in his supercharged 924s with a strong showing for third place in a little over 102 seconds. Graham had to make some running repairs when he had a silencer leak that came close to cooking the paint on the tunnel of his car! Graham is not easily phased however and soon had the car running well again and a great time was the reward.
The close P3 contest between Wayne Eason and Jon Baldock continued throughout the timed runs. After a spin by Wayne Jon grabbed the opportunity to narrow the gap to just 0.23 seconds with a personal best time of 101.49 seconds . It was close but not quite enough and Wayne took another well deserved class win, also a personal best of 101.23 seconds.
P4 was again the territory of Stephen Jory who took the class with a truly brilliant time of 101.09 seconds. Martin Leach in the 911E was also quick and will no doubt be pressing Stephen very hard in the events to come this year. Martin was second with a time of 103.46 seconds.
We had several drivers of full road equipped cars driving with us over the weekend. David Dyson, Chris Milne and Ian Cristol, all of whom managed their cars with their road tires extremely well across the two days. Ian, in his Boxster took third place in P4 calmly honing down his times as he did so.
So, a great couple of days sport, with the usual friendly and welcoming bunch of people. Blyton Park Sprint to come on May 18th, hope to see you there!