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09 May 2022

Speed Championship Rounds 1 and 2 Anglesey Sprint

Rounds 1 and 2 Anglesey Sprint 30 April–1 May 2022

We returned to the island of Anglesey for our first two rounds of the season after Covid-19 disrupted last year and caused a switch in venues that meant we ended, rather than began, the season at Anglesey Circuit.
In a return to some normality, we enjoyed May Bank Holiday weekend at Anglesey with, almost by tradition, at least one day of heavy rain and wind on this stunning but very exposed coastline that juts out into the Irish Sea and often brings in squally, wet weather.
On Saturday, the sprint ran on the National circuit, with the weather overcast and dry for most of the day with rain from around 3pm onwards.
In Class P1, Andrew Penman (996 GT3) made his inaugural debut in the Championship and finished the day with a time of 150.55. Although an experienced Speed driver in other classes this was also Howard Cressey’s first outing in P1 in a 2021 Cayman 718 GTS and he finished with a fastest time of 128.82.
Championship ‘old timer’ Karl Lupton (Supercharged 968-engined 944) celebrated his 60th birthday and the Porsche FTD at Anglesey! Karl produced some spectacular times that were only bettered on the day by a few open-wheel track cars. He finished the day with a remarkable 121.94 fastest time.
In Class P2 Hannes Tanzer (718 Cayman S) was sole competitor and had an enjoyable day finishing the day with a 132.17 fastest time.
The largest class at Anglesey was Class P3 with four drivers. Graham Rose’s (924S) fastest time for the day was 126.74 while, first and second place was a battle between Andy Fagan and slick-shod Wayne Eason with both driving Boxster S and very little between them. In the end, Andy took second in 125.21 while Wayne took first in 124.80 - a remarkable set of times for both drivers and among the quickest of all competitors at the event.
Four drivers made up Class P4 at Anglesey with Ian Cristol making a return to the Championship along with son Adam, enjoying his first sprint in this competition in their shared 2005 Boxster S. Adam got the best of his dad with a time of 136.54.
Another battle royale marked P4 with Martin Leach (911E) and Stephen Jory (944) closely vying for top spot in an excitingly close set of times. Their second run in the dry decided matters with Martin finishing with 127.87 and Stephen in first with 126.82. Again, the quality of the Porsche drivers were again reflected in some very quick times for any class at Anglesey.
After very little rain in April, Sunday 1 May saw the traditional deluge at this windswept track with driving rain and standing water on the International Circuit.
In P4, father and son were close with Ian Cristol finishing with 117.22 seconds while son Adam took third place in 116.30. First and second were reversed from the previous day but it was still neck-and-neck with both Stephen Jory and Martin Leach committing themselves despite the challenging conditions – both paid the price after Martin span and Stephen went off on the first corner of his third timed run. In the end, Stephen took second place in 115.59, while Martin took well-deserved class honours for first in 114.55.
In P3, Graham Rose put in a fastest time of 116.60 for third place, while Wayne Eason, with wet weather tyres in place finished in second place with an excellent 113.55. Out in front, also with wets on and really proving his credentials as a wet weather driver par excellence was Andy Fagan, who not only took the class win in a remarkable 110.59, but also took the Porsche FTD on Sunday.
In P2, discretion took the better part of valour as the terrible conditions meant that Hannes Tanzer decided two runs would be enough for the day and he finished at Anglesey with a 122.72 finish.
Given the conditions, Andrew Penman did not have an easy time of it for his first championship outing with also just two runs on Sunday and a 142.47 finish. However, he was awarded the Novice Trophy for his trouble, and we hope his next outing is much drier.
Meanwhile, and not of his own choosing, Karl Lupton also only had two runs after the Lambda sensor blew in his modified 944. He still came away with a time of 112.90 for second place.
Congratulations to Howard Cressy, who put in an impressive wet weather time of 112.80 to take first place in P1.
Well done, Howard, an excellent result for only his second round in the Cayman GTS.
It is another double header next, with two hill climbing rounds at the ever-popular Loton Park on 11-12 June – see you there!