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Porsche Club Trackdays

With Porsche Club trackdays you can forget about the retrictions of the public road and enjoy your Porsche in a safe and controlled environment. Above all, they provide an opportunity for owners to have fun and enjoy their cars at a speed they find comfortable. There is never any pressure to go faster, just to enjoy the experience. 

We have successfully run a programme of Porsche trackdays for the past 20 years. In that time we have organised approximately 350 days, offering almost 12,000 driver places. Our days are organised at approved race circuits in order that Porsche owners can drive their car in a safe, controlled environment.

Wherever possible we run an ‘open pit lane’ policy and will also limit the number of overall entrants. Smaller numbers increase the opportunity for time on track, reduce the time spent waiting and ease the pressure of traffic on the circuit for improved safety and enjoyment.

Club members can also take comfort from being on track with like-minded individuals who cherish their Porsche. Consequently the driving standards are generally higher and the level of respect an consideration afforded to fellow drivers is much greater.

Unless otherwise stated, spectators are welcome and encouraged at all Porsche Club trackdays.

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