2013 GTS intermittent auto stop start failure

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2018/04/15 14:29:00 (permalink)

2013 GTS intermittent auto stop start failure

Hi everyone, 
Im looking for some help as Chester OPC seem to be struggling to accept my car has a problem.
Ever since purchase two years ago, I've suffered intermittent (12) failures of the engine restarting following auto start/stop engaging at lights. I can't identify circumstances other that post a long motorway run circa 120miles and then left overnight it seems more likely to occur Sometime thereafter. I've then had engine fail to start until after 5 or 6  - '5 second' engine cranks where engine sounds like a bag of spanners being jangled . This all settled for about six months post service ( plus new coil packs at my cost )  in April 2017 , however just before Christmas it started again. OPC report no faults. 
This is one of a number of ' issues ' that OPC report no fault found on..... because they would seem intermittent, but do not result in fault codes... Or are said to be normal...
Has anyone any similar experience on a 2010-2014 v8 petrol s or gts ? 
Other issues i will write to : 
- Intermittent clicking from steering column under front suspension compression ( speed bumps or weight transfer) 
- Gearbox given up on 2nd gear pull off, possible transmission wind up (opposite corners scrabble on damp /wet)   ,  transmission thumps , erratic gear change behaviour and thumping gear changes , surging gear changes ,subtle pulsing on steady throttle uphill... And loss of  4-5 mpg on average .
- air suspension - lost the magic carpet on comfort mode - air springing hard , car finds true flat when parked on uneven angle and remains uneven until suspension ride height reset. Car raises ride height from low to normal at slightest unevenness in road .. Overall ride height management slow and erratic-  Front left corner down often . 
- oil thermal management - very slow to get oil to temp ( 99-101 Deg) can be in excess of 30 mins drive time, and +13-15 miles of A road , erratic thermal management when warm.. Gets stuck at  93-95 Deg , heading up or down
All of these things OPC report no fault found .. Has anyone any views?.....Other than .... It's cold outside so it takes longer to warm up , gts suspension is hard -can we sell you a softer set up car  , what's the problem with oil being cold.., gearbox /tire scrubbing is normal is normal..
None of these things are normal, because they're all a change from how the car WAS. It's not because it's winter.. Because they're not seasonal issues - they've persisted through seasons.
I met with OPC dealer principle 3 weeks ago, as a last straw resulting from 3/4 wheels corroding from underneath and won't maintain tyre pressure . They were clearly re-furbished on sale at the OPCs admission - one even painted and not diamond cut , but theyre blaming it all on stone chips, and refused to accept any warranty. DP clearly 'concerned about the painted wheel' but otherwise saying the others are my cause.
Car is going to OPC for  a week on the 23rd . Interesting that they re-set suspension ,  gearbox, and transfer case  adaptions whilst I was with DP. Car was different when I drove back... But now back to it's old self......
This is my second Porsche ( first a 2001 Boxster S) , and will likely be my last car... It was my dream buy given circumstances , but I'm really struggling to accept given so many other Cayenne loaners and the car having been 'right' at other times that any of the above is normal. OPC thinks otherwise.
I am looking for advice , thoughts and views of those out there.... I can't believe the Car is that  badly " sorted" ... 
Thanks and regards 

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    Re: 2013 GTS intermittent auto stop start failure 2018/04/16 09:01:30 (permalink)
    How sad that you have such a bad experience.  I really do hope that you can sort it quickly to your satisfaction.  I don't have a Cayenne but I would offer these comments:
    When I bought a 3 year old 997 in 2010 from a PC I was absolutely delighted with it - until on closer inspection at home I found 3 of the 4 wheels had clearly been 'touched' up by their so called wheel specialist and not sealed with lacquer.  Ultimately the PC paid to have 3 of them refurbished correctly.  I had to pay for the 4th which I thought was rather mean.
    My wife had a new BMW 3 series about 10 years ago.  When the car was about 4 months old I was at some traffic lights and the stop start function operated and stopped the engine.  The car failed to start and I was stuck there for over an hour and a half at peak time - 5pm.  I caused such mayhem that the traffic backed up the down the A6, M55 and down the M6.  BMW assistance came and recovered the car.  They replaced the main ECU (computer).  All was well after that.
    Best of luck and please keep us posted.

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