Boxster windscreen misting

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russellmason PCGB Member
2018/02/25 10:11:02 (permalink)

Boxster windscreen misting

Hi everyone. Have searched the Forums to try and find an answer to this but no success to date with any of the suggestions, thus so any help appreciated. My 2013 981 Boxster S has recently - well this autumn/winter - started to mist up heavily when left outside - even in direct sunlight and then collected after sun-down e.g. when parked at the station car park.  This is not just light misting either; I need a few paper towels to clean it all off.  The air-con works fine as does all the heating system and no water in the carpets suggesting blocked drain holes; recirculating switch is not left on.  Perhaps when I leave it, should the face vents be fully closed?  As I say, any ideas greatly appreciated…!?

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    turbo jonny
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    turbo jonny PCGB Member
    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 10:18:41 (permalink)
    My 987 had a misting problem . Try checking the bottom part of your door cards . 
    Mine were wet and it was caused by the seals going bad . Common fault with cars outdoors ,
    maybe caused by frost .

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    chrishak PCGB Member
    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 11:13:33 (permalink)
    Both my 986's have been exactly the same, under certain conditions, front and rear screens are almost running with warer. I've tried allsorts of remedies but I've come to the conclusion that it's part and parcel of convertable ownership
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    BrianJ PCGB Member
    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 11:38:46 (permalink)
    Over the years I have found that if I don't regularly reproof the roof (eg at least annually), in wet weather the moisture migrates through the fabric sufficiently to make the atmosphere in the cabin damp enough to increase condensation in the way you describe. Worth a try if you haven't done it recently.

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    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 15:12:40 (permalink)
    The AC evaporator, which creates the cold air, lives inside the cabin.  When this chills the air it is normal for water to drip from the drain underneath the car (moisture in the air condenses to the water). If this doesn‘t drip you may have a blocked drain, so you have water building up inside.
    Otherwise you may have a water ingress problem - check front bulkhead drains and rear roof drains.
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    Gordon Attar
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    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 20:32:12 (permalink)
    AS you ard regu5laroly drying out i would suggest  a leak or block drain. Suggest checking under the mats and all carpets.  F its general misting, Reproofing roof helps and make sure when heating the car that it's not recirculating tge air and when hot opening a window helps.

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    russellmason PCGB Member
    Re: Boxster windscreen misting 2018/02/25 21:53:26 (permalink)
    Many thanks for the helpful replies guys - have purchased some re-proofer for the roof recently, but just haven't got arround to applying yet!  Will check all them drain holes again...  
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