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2018/01/06 21:21:53 (permalink)

Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997

I would like to be able to play Spotify from my iPhone 7 in my Gen 2 997 turbo but when I connect it via the USB port I can’t get it to work. Does anyone know if I need some sort of special cable or if it’s even possible to play it at all?
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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/01/06 21:53:24 (permalink)
i had the same challenge with my 997.2 . Your options are 
1. Buy an iPod connection cable which should connect into the aux and usb ports and creates an iPhone 4 style fat wide connection.. so I bought a light connector to convert it to an iPhone 6&7.  It works and allows you to select music from the pcm system but it means that centre console won’t close as the phone and cables don’t fit in their with it closed and I did find the connection intermittent..
2. Buy a headphone jack and just use the aux out.. you won’t be able to select the music on the pcm but works better than option 1 in my opinion.
3. You could get a rqdio connector and try that which a friendly Porsche opc said is the best and cheapest option. I am yet to try it myself but it’s as simple as tuning your radio into the frequency the radio connector generates.. you will have to choose the music off your phone though 
I am not sure on a 997.2 if there is a way of bluetoothing music I am afraid and pretty sure Porsche would only suggest option 1. Happy to be corrected on any of the above but the 991 onwards allows Bluetooth and Spotify music interface. 
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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/01/07 14:24:56 (permalink)
I had the same issue with iPhone when I got my 997.2 GTS.
My solution was to buy a secondhand older style iPod and keep it connected in the Centre armrest using option 1 above.  It cost me £10 from a Cash Convertors type place on the high street and came “clean”’with factory reset and 3 months warranty.  It had enough memory to provide a varied enough collection for long journeys.
Doesn’t really help with Spotify though.

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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/01/07 15:27:51 (permalink)
That's exactly what I did, although I pinched my daughter's one (I'm hoping she doesn't notice). I just load it up with my stuff and leave it permanently plugged in. I have to skip past the Katy Perry tunes occasionally but it works beautifully.

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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/02/14 12:50:09 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby JamieWilson 2018/02/17 22:09:15
Hi there,
I have just done a video on this topic, Bovee 1000 is the way to go to solve this problem.
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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/02/17 22:10:13 (permalink)
Like the Bovee! Neat, does it allow you to see your spotify from the pcm screen Stephen? Thanks.

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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/02/17 22:16:56 (permalink)
No unfortunately it just comes up as a IPOD with an empty playlist ...
Having said that if You are using waze on yr iPhone the voice prompts will come through as well.
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Re: Playing music from iPhone 7 in 997 2018/02/23 14:54:20 (permalink)
just seen the video's and bought a Bovee 1000, will report back and let you all know how its goes

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