Weights of 964 parts for racers

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Weights of 964 parts for racers

Gratefully plagiarised from Captain Ahab Jr. from Rennlist.
Weights of parts for a 964 for anyone considering racing or light-weighting. No guarantees of accuracy.
1.09kg front fog light delete, pair
0.156kg sunroof drain tubes (2 front and 2 rear)
0.195kg spot welded brackets from rear seat area (not incl. large rear seat central pivot bracket and seat belt inertia mounting brackets)
0.206kg C pillar roof interior trim
0.772kg pair of steel front brake disc shields
0.234kg pair of aluminium rear brake disc shields
0.211kg rear bumper centre section lower edge steel strip
0.268kg sunroof wiring loom from motor to rear bulkhead connector
0.253kg pair of door window inner felt seals
0.115kg spot welded steel rear seat centre pivot bracket 
0.223kg internal door lock rotary **** and linkage to door latch
0.495kg centre tunnel forward interior trim cover panel
0.302kg steel loom/relay bracket under above trim panel
0.779kg centre tunnel, pedal and RHS front wheel arch sound deadening
0.050kg more radio wiring
0.119kg pair of interior roof courtesy lights
0.095kg headlight beam vacuum adjustment tubing and switch (still have headlight diaphram actuators to remove)
0.120kg HVAC duct through bulkhead on RHS side
0.115kg HVAC duct through bulkhead on LHS side
0.510kg roof lining and roof sound deadening (not inc. sun roof lining, A, B or C pillar covering, just the roof lining)
0.037kg spot welded steel spare tyre mounting bracket
0.075kg spot welded steel bracket under RHS front chassis leg
0.025kg B pillar coat hooks, pair
0.005kg metal self adhesive spare tyre inflation instructions label
0.866kg bitumen door sound deadening, pair
0.110kg trim, sound deadening and carpet at the base of A-pillar
0.302kg pair of steel flanges at the base of the B-pillar
0.120kg bonnet slam panel plastic cover
0.012kg pair of plastic pop-riveted brackets under bonnet slam panel
0.987kg HVAC control unit (non-aircon spec.)
0.691kg HVAC heat sink
8.537kg HVAC unit, inc. wiring loom, ducting to bulkhead and drain tubes (non-aircon spec.)
1.555kg front fuse box bulkhead section cut off leaving only the fuse box housing
0.064kg pair heated windscreen washer jets wiring leads
0.161kg excess washer jet tubing after deleting the underwing washer bottle
0.852kg front cat heatshield
1.087kg cat lower aero sheet steel cover
2.50kg pair of front wheel arch liners including fixings
0.368kg LH rear plastic lower engine shroud and fixings
0.352kg RH rear plastic lower engine shroud and fixings
0.582kg RH plastic lower engine shroud and fixings
0.444kg pair of bumper mounting to chassis rail reinforcing steel tubes
0.025kg rear under tray steel mounting bracket (forward engine position)
0.102kg radio chassis steel surround
0.219kg pair of HVAC dash vents, ones nearest the doors
5.062kg front aluminium bumper beam and mounting bolts
0.917kg front bumper steel mounting tubes, mounting bolts and gaskets
0.388kg large horn and steel mounting bracket (a bracket on a bracket )
0.349kg steel mounting bracket for horns
0.050kg foam front bumper in fill pieces
0.246kg headlight washer nozzles and tubing in the front bumper
0.387kg LH dash knee pad
0.406kg RH dash knee pad
4.024kg pair of interior door panels and door interior handles
1.159kg pair of interior door tops
0.351kg pair of bonnet gas struts
0.093kg under dash HVAC duct, rhs above drivers feet
0.040kg bonnet light and loom to connect plug
0.064kg steel electric connector bracket in front of RHS bonnet hinge
0.095kg HVAC duct LHS dash corner
0.109kg HVAC duct diffuser above passengers feet
0.082kg HVAC duct diffuser above drivers feet
0.067kg steel electrical box bracket above passengers feet
0.339kg pair of door central locking solenoids
1.730kg extra windscreen and headlight washer reservoir and piping under the front wing
0.861kg front suspension/steering platic undertray and nuts
0.129kg centre tunnel plastic interior handbrake tray
0.378kg pair of air deflectors for front brakes (one was already missing and it made no difference)
1.870kg steel centre tunnel floor cover plate
10g Carrera 2 rear badge
2.497kg rear wiper assy (wiring still to be removed)
9.018kg stereo system including centre tunnel tape holder and a Del Amitri cassette tape left by the PO (wiring and radio metal chassis still to be removed)
0.212kg pair of alumnium carpet edging cover strips
0.797kg pair of sun visors
3.614kg rear parcel shelf
1.877kg front footwell carpet mats and brackets
0.576kg front corner carpet trip covering heating ducting
0.342kg pair of engine lid gas struts, mtg pins and clips
0.702kg fuel tank plastic protection shroud
0.098kg wire plastic shroud under VIN in front trunk
0.189kg ABS unit plastic shroud
0.024kg wire plastic shroud between battery and front bulkhead
0.037kg fuel cap flexible flap cover
2.669kg engine bay heater fan unti, ducting, mtg bolts
1.631kg engine bay sound deadening
1.888kg heater flaps, jubilee clips and donkey dick to heat exchanger
1.947kg metal tubes and jubilee clips from heat exchanger to engine bay tin
0.708kg various engine undertray mounting brackets
0.089kg spoiler mechanism plastic shroud
0.414kg interior trim cappings below side rear windows
3.305kg rear bulkhead internal sound deadening
2.425kg interior rear wheel arch trim
0.615kg inner door sill carpets
0.727kg drivers footwell carpet
0.141kg carpet behind pedals
0.672kg front passenger floor carpet
2.204kg front passenger floor sound deadening
0.279kg pair of heating donkey dick from dash to cill inc. jubilee clips
0.106kg pair of plastic sill vents below rear side window
1.961kg pair of heating donkey dick insulated ducting inside the cill
5.100kg rear bumper aluminium beam (not inc. fixings)
0.800kg pair of rear bumper beam mounting tubes (not inc. fixings)
4.700kg engine under tray (not inc. fixings)
0.258kg set of 4 wheel centre caps (not orginal Porsche parts)
1.550kg passenger seat electrical motors, drive cables, wiring loom and steel mounting bracket
0.024kg cigarette lighter
0.285kg ashtray and dash holder
0.895kg pair of rear floor carpets
0.055kg diagnostic plug steel mounting bracket
9.332kg rear seat area and rear foor sound deadening (not including rear bullkhead area)
0.220kg carpet behind rear sear bases
0.609kg pair of carpets outboard of rear seat bases
0.232kg pair of carpets below and forward of rear seat bases
1.171kg pair of leather seat bases
6.170kg pair of leather seat backs including outboard bolt 
0.742kg sunroof air defelector, front sunroof metal surround
0.182kg plastuc outer sill protectors
2.098kg pair of rear seatblets including mounting bolts/washers
0.142kg drivers footwell battery cable shroud
0.449kg sunroof motor cover panels
0.768kg central tunnel carpet (not completely removed)
3.229kg central tunnel sound deadening (not completely removed)
0.156kg pair of rear seat locking pins
1.548kg drivers seat electric motors, cables and steel cross member
0.044kg leather swatch sample under the drivers seat
1.500kg drivers floor pan sound deadening
0.087kg B-pillar vinyl trim
0.935kg radio chassis and some wiring
0.108kg spare wheel clamp and bolt
0.113kg ABS pump plastic cover
1.682kg alumnium jack
0.471kg kack handle
0.601kg wheel brace
13.487kg spare wheel
1.973kg tool roll
0.135kg steel battery cable shroud under the spare wheel
0.770kg sunroof motor and mounting bracket
0.273kg bitumen sound deadening strip on central tunnel RHS
0.681kg bitumen sound deadening on rear floor behind front seats, pair
1.976kg sound deadening under dash and front wheel arch area (still some left behind the pedals)
0.708kg plywood pedal board
1.2kg tyre pump kit
1.169kg pair of door pocket lids
1.875kg pair of door pockets
0.423kg pair of door speaker wiring mystery junction boxes
0.042kg Porsche bonnet badge
0.916kg glove box lid
0.976kg steel ECU tray inder passenger seat
0.049kg plastic bracket under brake fluid reservoir (really not sure why this is fitted)
0.355kg more stereo wiring
0.044kg brake and clutch pedal rubber pads
0.445kg HVAC unitl plastic shroud and bonnet rubber seal
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