Headlamp issue

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2017/11/13 18:33:13 (permalink)

Headlamp issue

Has anyone experience of an issue with the headlamp perspex crazing. My 2 year old Boxster GTS shows a crazed area directly in line with the dip beam pattern on both headlamps. This has occured recently as it was serviced in May (early but before harder use in the Summer) by Porsche Bournemouth when this was definitley not evident. When I reported this a few weeks ago, Porsche Bournemouth escalated this to Porsche GB who claim that the damage is caused by heat (well it is in line with the energy from a HID light) but that an "outside influence" has affected the perspex which then allowed the heat from the light to cause the damage.  I am typical of many owners in using the correct high quality products for cleaning and polishing and am clear that there has not been an "outside influence" .  
Porsche GB have concluded that this is not covered by warranty. The headlamp perspex cannot be replaced on its own, instead the only option is to replace the whole units which is an eye watering £3.5k. Porsche GB offered to pay two thirds of the cost but as a "goodwill" gesture which suggests that it is viewed as a valid claim but one that Porsche won't accept as a valid warranty claim. Of course this still means I face a bill for over £1.1k to fix.
Porsche GB themselves suggested I contact the Motor Ombudsman to escalate this further but I have received some very mixed reports about the potential success of this route.
The other option is to live with issue (which does not affect the headlamp function) but look unsightly and may well impact the future resale value of the car.
I beleive I have been reasonable in my aproach but have a real issue with facing a four figure sum to fix a problem Porsche recognise is valid but are ducking the warranty by claiming the unprovable "outside influence". I would appreciate any insight others may have on this.


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    Gordon Attar
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    Gordon Attar PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2017/11/13 19:39:48 (permalink)
    The crazing you have is the same old crazing  damage that you will find on the inside of hid lights right back to the 996 particular the 996TT. 
    Presumably this is there first  offer and you should tell them NO (in writing) as you have a 3 year new car warranty and if they are not going to honour it then you will go to the ombudsman.
    By the way the one third donation from you usually covers there total warranty cost
    You should also ask the OPC for the appeals process so that you follow it before going to the ombudsman that should hopefully prompt the correct response.
    There we all were, hoping Porsche would  stop all their warranty shenanigans when they became part of AUDI/VW

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    Gazoak PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2017/11/14 13:34:43 (permalink)
    Yes it looks valid to me. I would keep on at the OPC.
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    SteveAndrews PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2017/11/14 14:31:23 (permalink)
    Presuming that you purchased it new or from a garage as opposed to privately, then I suggest having a word with your local Trading Standards Officer.  A car is expected to last for more than two years before faults appear, so if a garage sold it to you then don't prejudice your case by accepting anything less than a full replacement and warn of proceedings in the small claims court if they do not.

    Steve Andrews
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    tjb PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2017/11/14 18:32:09 (permalink)
    Do you know if your car has or has previously had chip protection film on the lights as I have read that they can cause this type of issue?

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    pfs PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2017/11/16 17:47:50 (permalink)
    Thanks for the feedback and comments from all.
    In answer to the question on chip protection query, the answer is no it has never had anything applied.
    I fully intend to persue this with Porsche as suggested.
    Rgds - Paul
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    pfs PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2018/01/23 18:29:08 (permalink)
    Just an update on this....
    Porsche refused to cover the full cost of repair after three attempts to escalate within Porsche GB. I have presented the details to the Motor Ombudsman service and they have agreed the case should be reviewed and are contacting Porsche GB. It's a great car...I simply want this issue sorted under warranty as it should be.  
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    JMR PCGB Member
    Re: Headlamp issue 2018/01/23 19:47:47 (permalink)
    Sounds like you're being fair pfs.
    I would want it sorting, at very little cost to myself, and wouldn't want to "put up with it"
    Hope you get a good outcome from the M.O.
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