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Disc Brakes and Pads

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2015/05/24 11:15:35 (permalink)

Disc Brakes and Pads

A useful bit of info was garnered on the recent visit to JAZ Porsche St Albans is that the original Brake Discs on the 987 Gen1 are manufactured by Sebro and according to Steve at JAZ are indistinguishable from Original Porsche apart from the Porsche Part marking and their kite mark which he didn't actually say where the marks are but coatings etc are as Porsche, Original Brake Pads are Textar.

Disc Wear

Cayman is:

Front - Original thickness = 24mm Minimum = 22mm
Rear - Original thickness = 20mm Minimum = 18mm

Cayman S is:

Front - Original thickness = 28mm Minimum = 26mm    Pads 17,0mm ( Textar OEM )
Rear - Original thickness = 24mm Minimum = 22mm     Pads 15,5mm ( Textar OEM )
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RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2015/05/24 14:34:03 (permalink)
Pretty good value through too - especially when you get one of their discount codes. We ran the Sebro discs on my race car for three seasons without any problems - so long as you replace them when they start to crack around the cross drill holes.


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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2018/12/04 17:50:36 (permalink)
Do you have any data for PCCB?

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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2019/08/19 09:14:24 (permalink)
Posted by T911UK on another thread:
"Textar do indeed supply pads to Porsche, so these will be the same, discs however are not supplied by Sebro, they do supply Porsche some discs for very rare and early air cooled 911. SHW supply discs to Porsche and only to Porsche, you cant get them outside OPC."
For reference, I believe that he is associated with Type 911, a Porsche parts supplier.

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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2019/08/19 10:32:05 (permalink)
I am indeed, not hiding anything!
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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2019/10/28 16:22:35 (permalink)
that is very interesting
I replaced all the discs and pads on my 2011 Cayman last month and the discs were Sebro and the pads were Textar - according to the service history this is what OPC fitted a few years back 
I purchased the identical items from ECP using their infamous discount code on the advice of the Indi I use and they were spot on - I checked each item as I removed and checked against new and all the part numbers and marking were exactly the same - the only minor different was that the rear pads had switched to horseshoe wear indicators from pin type
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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2020/02/13 19:44:01 (permalink)
Hi I  have a gen 1 Cayman S, how can I tell when my discs and pads have reached the end of the life? All hints and tips gratefully received 
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Re: RE: Disc Brakes and Pads 2020/03/26 13:01:06 (permalink)
Hi Russel,
re checking discs, you can (should) measure their thickness with a cheap micrometer / vernier calliper (you’re best jacking up and taking the wheels off to get in and be able to rotate the disc so you can measure at several points around its circumference  

here are the 987 thicknesses:
Cayman 2.9:
Front - Original thickness = 24mm Minimum = 22mm
Rear - Original thickness = 20mm Minimum = 18mm

Cayman 3.4 S is:
Front - Original thickness = 28mm Minimum = 26mm
Rear - Original thickness = 24mm Minimum = 22mm
also, whilst your wheels are off check for excessive grooving and corrosion on the inner faces (particular issue on the rears). 

you can also then check and measure of thickness (both inner and outer pads). I can’t recall what their new thickness is, but I suspect something >10mm, if they’re down to 3 to 4mm think about changing them.
heres a good resource - the textar brake book (textar are the OE manufacturer of the pads for Porsche)

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